Girl with lyre

Dimension 24″ x 32.5″

Warp: Cotton, set 8 EPI

Weft: Hand dyed wool and silk, cotton

Year: 2014

For Sale

Over Red River

    Dimension  31″ x 19″

Warp:  Linen, set 8 EPI
Weft:  Hand dyed wool, linen, silk, cotton
Year: 2015
For sale

The Fairytale of Prague Size: 23,5″ x 35″ Warp: Cotton, 8EPI Weft: Hand dyed wool and silk

2015 For sale

In the Rain

Size: 7 ¼” x 7 ¼” Warp: Cotton, 13 EPI Weft: Hand dyed wool, silk, cotton, synthetic Year: 2015 For sale

I’m moving out!

Dimension: 20.5″ x 35″

Warp: Cotton 8 and 16 EPI

Weft:  Hand dyed wool and silk, linen, cotton boucle

Year: 2016

For sale

Split Custody

Dimension:  Weaving 9.5″ x 7″ (with the frame 10.5″ x 8″)

Warp:  Cotton, Set 13 EPI

Weft: Wool, Cotton

Year: 2016

For Sale

Woven Graffiti – Hell Artist

Dimension:  24″ x 33.5″

Warp: Cotton Seine Twine, 10 EPI

Weft: Cotton Perle, Silk, Wool, Linen

Year: 2017

For sale

Gotcha in the Cavern

Dimension:  10″ x 5.5″

Warp: Cotton Seine Twine, 13 EPI

Weft: Wool, silk, cotton, linen, embroidery threads

Year: 2017

For sale


Dimension: 23” x 25.5” (With display – 24” x 30”)
Warp: Hand spun Merino wool

Weft: Hand spun Merino wool

Year: 2017
For sale

Dimension: 11.5” x 21.5”
Warp: Silk, 13 EPI
Weft: Wool, Silk, Cotton boucle, linen,
Year: 2018
For sale

Where is my soul?

Dimension: 8″ x 8″

Warp: Cotton Seine Twine, 13 EPI

Weft: Hand dyed wool and silk, embroidery cotton threads

Year: 2018

For sale

Magnific Tree

    Dimension 29.5” x  32”

Warp:  Linen set 12 EPI

Weft:  Hand dyed wool, linen, silk.

Year: 2019

For sale

Waking up in the Lake

Dimension: 10″x 6.5″
Warp: Cotton Seine Twine
Weft: Hand dyed wool and silk, perle cotton thread
Year: 2019
For sale

Dress me up!

(Inspiration from The Baldishol Tapestry)

Width: 24.5” + on each side 3.5” long fridges

High:   16”

Warp: Wool, 10 EPI

Weft:  Wool – Norwegian Spelsau  mostly hand dyed



Calgary Winter

Dimension: 8” x 12” (with the open movie clapper high 11”)

Warp: Cotton Seine Twine,

12 EPI

Weft: Hand dyed wool and silk, Cotton Perle, Cotton Boucle


For Sale