Catherine de Médicis Size 9″ x 7″ Warp: Cotton 14 EPI Weft: Wool, bamboo, cotton, embroidery threads 2009 For sale

Lady in Blue Size: 16” x 23” Warp: Wool 10 EPI Weft: wool, silk, linen, rayon, synthetic, cotton 2009 For sale

Mars Size: 24” x 29” Warp: Linen 8 EPI, warped double Weft: l Linen, Silk, wool, Rayon, Synthetic, Embroidery threads 2009 For exhibition

Flying Frog Size: 24″ x 21″ Warp: silk, 8 EPI double Weft: wool, silk, rayon chenille, cotton boucle 2009 For sale

Hatshepsut like a Sphinx Size 8 1/4″ x 8″ Warp silk, 15 EPI Weft silk, wool, cotton boucle 2010 For sale

Rusalka Size 15” x 21,5” Warp silk, 13 EPI Weft Wool, Silk, Synthetic tread, Rayon Chenille 2010 For sale

Helios Size 23”x26” Warp Linen,10 EPI Weft: Wool, linen, silk, cotton, synthetic, boucle Inspiration: From Greek mythology about Helios, the Sun God on his chariot pull by four horses. The study for the design was a small part of the monumental southern Italian Greek vase (330BCE) from Canosa di Puli, Italy which is in place at the Staatliche Antikensammlung Museum in Munich, Germany. 2011 For sale

Hot Tub Size 35” x 18,5” Warp:cotton,10 EPI Weft:cotton,silk,wool,boucle,synthetic, linen,nylon, paper Moire,beads. 2011 For sale

Witch Size 18” x 20” Warp wool 13 EPI Weft: wool 2010 For sale